2017 New Invisible Spy Earpiece 918 Detection Wireless Hidden Covert Earphone

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On many occasions, you possibly don’t hope others notice your operating mobile-phone or sth like this.
918 wireless earpiece is a micro-mini wireless remote inductive beneficiary which changes sound flags through electromagnetic enlistment. The is the newest version earpiece with smaller in size , consume less power and more clear in sound. This item makes secretive correspondence conceivable when it is badly arranged to uncover earpieces. It is broadly utilized as a part of numerous offices. 

The smaller than expected ear collector is in remote association with the unique hands free around your neck.

It also has a microphone and someone who is on the other side of phone call  can hear your voice, your whisper or all the sounds sorrounding you. 
By the mini ear receiver you can hear your partner from the other side of the phone call  and you can also talk to him.
Mini ear receiver is very small (6x6x10mm), has a perfect anatomic shape and a skin color, so no one will ever notice that you have anything inside your ear.
The covert Assembly offers the best communications solution at times when secrecy and privacy are of paramount importance. For example; Surveillance, VIP Protection, Investigation, etc. 

Note : Limited by the work principle. This kind of earpiece may not reach the volume level of normal wire earphone. Recommended for use in a quiet environment.

Package Content:
1x Earpiece
1x Inductive loop
1x Battery – 337 SR416SW

Here are some suggestions if earphone does not work properly: 1.Ensure the battery plugged in right side. 2.Adjust the earpiece in your ear canal to a proper place. 3.Make sure that the loopset is not too far from the headset. 4.Try to change another cell phone or other 3.5mm audio device if earphone does not work properly:.
The newest version spy earpiece with smaller in size , consume less power and more clear in sound.
Compatible with Apple iPhones, Android phones, tablets, Kindle, eReaders, and any portable devices with a standard 3.5 mm jack.
Microphone with Built-in answer key and volume up/down key for clear calls and smartphone control
Comfortable for wearing with an optimum anatomic design. Easy and safe to wear,
Invisible wireless earpiece receives signal by an inductive loop across electromagnetic fields