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GOOACTION Men’s Wigs Short Wig Dark Brown Male Straight Hair Wig Halloween Party Synthetic Fiber Hair Wigs (Blonde)

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How to wear a wig:

1. Short hair : grasp adjustable buckles in the inner mesh, and shake the wig sheath up and down to make the whole hair fluffy. If you want to make the hair at the top of head fluffier, scratch the hair roots at the top of head with an erect tooth comb.

2. After it is well teased, adjust the adjustable buckles behind its inner mesh. We suggest first adjusting the ones in the last row and then trying it on to make sure it fits. If it is too loose, take it off, adjust the adjustable buckles in place and wear it again. We suggest wearing it from front to back and adjusting the lining cloth at the both sides of ear to make sure it has a symmetrical and right location.

3. First press the front fringe with hands, and then pull the inner mesh towards the back side of head until reaching the hair root near your neck.

How to clean a wig:

1. It is generally not easy to dirty and does not need frequently cleaning. If it is used every day, clean it once every 1-2 months; if it is seldom used, clean it once every 6 months. Before cleaning, comb it with a wooden comb. The wooden comb can be found by copying this code and searching.

2. Add a proper amount of ordinary hair shampoo into warm water (77℉), soak it in the warm water for about 10 minutes, and then rub its inner mesh gently. Try to keep its hairstyle in place, clean it softly and do not squeeze it

3. Rinse with water, add hair conditioner into warm water, soak it in the warm water for 5 minutes, and then clean it with water again.

4. Dry it out with a towel, hang it a well ventilated place for natural drying, and avoid direct sunlight.

5. Arrange its hairstyle with a wooden comb when it is 80 percent dry.

6. Use care solution in combination, and dry naturally so as to ensure its hand feeling and luster effect.

√Color: Men’s wig as the color shows
√Features: Short men’s wigs
√FreeStyle: This wigs can be cut by yourself and styled by curling iron or hair straightener .One wig can be let you have didifferent style.If you want to how to clean wig ,please note Product Description
√Material: Best fiber yarn wig imported from Japan,soft and comfortable.All wigs are use Durable heat resistant South Korea synthetic fiber which is very suitable for long term use.
√Service: 1 YEAR QUALITY WARRANTY. If you have any problem about this wig in 1 year, please contact us directly, we will send you a replacement ASAP